Net calorific value: 4,6 kWh/kg

Ash:  0.70 %

Moisture:  10 %

Diameter: 6±1 mm 



The material for our pellets production are shavings and saw dust from our manufacture. Before storage, all material is dried in a belt dryer, which uses ecological biomass as a heat source. In our warehouse, we mix shavings with sawdust according to our ratio, in order to achieve the correct net calorific value of the pellets. From storage we are moving this mix into a pellet press, which is able to create up to 1.5 tun pellets per hour. The finished pellets must be cooled before packaging, because in pressing process is generated heat, which glue the pellest together to the final form. The cooled pellets are further packed into our packages using a hopper. In the process we randomly select testing quantity and we make series of testing to make sure, that we deliver only top quality pellets to you. And therefore we are certified manufacturer of pellets ENplus A1 CZ 023.