About us

The company Pila Pasák a.s. has been operating in Planá nad Lužnicí since 1998, and continues the tradition of Pasák spol. 
s. r.o. from 1994.

We process coniferous logs and lumber. The annual cut makes 25,000 m3 of debarked logs. Of the produced anual cut, 90% is processed in planing and pallet production, the rest is sold directly. We supply most of the goods to the domestic market. Timber processed in planing production is dried in our own kilns. We produce various types of floorboards, terraces, floorboards and fences from dried lumber. Of course, we always try to meet the needs of our customers and, within our means, satisfy them.

The history of the sawmill in Planá nad Lužnicí begins sometime around 1880, when the company was owned by Mrs. Marie Valášková and the name of the company was a steam sawmill and impregnation station.

Since the purchase of the sawmill in 1916, the company Löwy Winterberg, a timber wholesaler in Prague – one of the most famous companies in the timber trade in Austria-Hungary. At that time, they also owned a sawmill in Ždírec.

Another owner became in 1934 Mr. Alois Dvořák, an official from Soběslav, who did not operate the sawmill directly, only rented it. In 1948, the sawmill was nationalized. It was returned to Mr. Dvořák’s descendants in 1994 by the South Bohemian Timber Factory. In the same year, it was rented and subsequently bought by the current owner, Mr. Luboš Pasák.